"Children of the damned are set free to desecrate the land. And creatures banished from the light are condemned to everlasting night." Excerpt from Nosferatu - "FRAME OF MIND"

Welcome to the "news" section of AZTEC  JADE's site, a lot of this information was from the last site and might not be relavent any longer. Since there was such a large volume of news, links and email addresses have not been activated. Feel free to copy and paste them into a new browser window.


Yeah, tell me about it! It's been a long time coming. We've had quite a lot of changes within recent months/years and we'd like to bring you up to date. First off, our new website! We figured with all these changes occurring it'd be a good idea to revamp the old site and get something a little slicker and quicker loading. The Flash site was neat, but not all of our fans could see it. Feel free to browse as the site is live now.

Aztec Jade now scheduling auditions for a replacement vocalist

"All original progressive rock/metal. Influences are: Dream Theater, Rush, Queen, STYX, Savatage, Queensryche, etc. Established group with 4 cds as well as a host of comps under their belt and with a strong local following. Pitch and timing are cruicial for applicants. Semi Pros or Pros only please. Vocal style not important, but no eddie vedders' or Scott Stapps please. New members will be responsible for learning at least one CD worth of material and wil be expected to help collaborate on new material for upcoming studio CD. Practice is limited to once and week and gigs about once a month or so." Intrested parties should contact Aztec Jade at aztecjade@yahoo.com

Personnel Changes

As most Jade fans know, we had a keyboardist change in July of 2001. Things with Ian are working out great and he's brought alot of really cool ideas and writing to the band. Things couldn't have been better.

Jade Mini Members

Back in December of 02, Rick and Stephanine became the proud parents of the newest member of the Jade family, Brandon Miller. Not even 9 months old, and this kid has got spunk! He's already playing some custom sized drums his dad got for him, drumsticks and all. As of such, with the new baby and all, Jade was on hiatus for a while to let the new parents settle in for a bit.

Short Haired Bassplayer?

Yep, you heard right. After 17 years and 3 1/2 feet of pure headbanging joy, our Bassist finally cut his hair! It's official, Aztec Jade is now clean cut. Hey, Metallica did it, why can't we? When asked how he felt about it, Bryan just sobs... However, as a parting gift to his recently deceased grandmother, Bryan placed his golden locks within her casket as a sign of his affection.


Sunday, September 29th at 8pm EST, AZTEC JADE will be live in-studio guests for one hour at Dementia Radio. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) will take over the airwaves at 10pm.  

Dementia Radio describes itself as "an adult-oriented radio show which sometimes goes for shock value, and our material would make Howard Stern blush. The show is completely un-censored and sometimes tends to get a bit profane"... sounds like Aztec Jade will fit in perfectly!  ;-)   

Be sure to tune in - there will be some tracks spun off AJ's new CD "Concrete Eden", give-a-ways, and possibly a special unplugged performance....  TUNE IN AT 8PM EST!!!

Keep Rockin!


After an exceptionally long hiatus, we are pleased to announce aztecjade.com is back online! Jade's new website, now in a brand new format for your viewing enjoyment. Feel free to look around and check out the new site.


AZTEC JADE's long awaited CD "Concrete Eden" is FINALLY available! Concrete Eden features all new music from this prog rock super group. Harder, Heavier, More Melodic - It!s what all Jade fans have been asking for. Presented with a beautiful 16 page full-color booklet and jewel case - this is THE cd to get! Check out the releases section for more information or click here (or the link on the right) to purchase your copy today.

NINE ELEVEN - 9/21/01

First and foremost, AZTEC JADE would like to send their condolences to the families and friends of those who were injured and those that lost their lives in the attack of the World Trade Centers, The Pentagon, and the airlines that were over taken in last Tuesday!s horrific events!

The latest news from Adrenaline Records confirms that "Concrete Eden" will be released on January 21, 2002. While promotions will officially begin in the next couple of months, copies of the CD have been sent out to only a few magazines for their review, and the initial response so far is exceptional. While we haven!t received the full review yet (which will be published in German) - we can offer you this quote from Juergen Tschamler / Heavy, Oder Was!?

"the new album is a real killer! I give the new album 11 points out of 12 in the up coming HEAVY,ODER WAS!? issue."

More news as it happens...

Keep Rockin!

POWERMAD 2001 - 8/23/01

AZTEC JADE has just returned from Baltimore, MD where they performed at the POWERMAD 2001 festival. This festival showcased over 20 Progressive and Power metal bands throughout the country and AZTEC JADE was one of the elite...

Here are just a few statements from some of those who attended POWERMAD 2001 (all quotes taken from the Perpetual Motion Discussion Board):

"I!ve gotta say all the bands were really cool. My favorites were Brave, Etheria and AZTEC JADE. AWESOME!!!! ... AZTEC JADE was a complete unknown to me. WOW! Great band! What a great vocalist too! So many times in this prog/metal music you get vocalists who you can!t understand. I like words. I like to be able to hear what someone is singing about. Don!t know who this guy is but he!s great!" - Rowen/Persephone!s Dream

"AZTEC JADE put on a great show. Their singer still has one of the best voices on the scene today. He is one of the most underrated vocalists out there. AZTEC JADE was very tight & their material was great." - Jarrett/ New Reign Magazine

"AZTEC JADE put on one hell of a show as well. I have heard a lot of great things about them for a long time, and now I know why." - Louis/Etheria

"I went into the AZTEC JADE set having no idea what to expect. I left their set with a copy of their sampler, and the title cut of their upcoming CD playing itself over and over in my head. The keyboard sound was powerful throughout many of the songs, which is something not many prog metal bands seem to accomplish in a live setting." - Dr. Crankenstein

In other news, It is with deep regret that AZTEC JADE will not be performing at the ProgPower Europe 2001 festival this October. Due to the uncertainty of finding a replacement keyboard player and getting them up to speed with all the past and present material, the band felt it was in their best interest to cancel this show, and any others that were tentatively booked in conjunction with the tour. The band was really looking forward to performing for their European fans, and hopefully soon they will be able to!

The "Concrete Eden" CD is slated for release this fall. More details on the release date will be forthcoming soon - please check back. If you can!t wait to hear some of the new material, and aren!t lucky enough to be able to see AZTEC JADE perform the songs live, you can order a copy of the "Concrete Eden" Sampler CD at this time. Please hurry - there were only a limited quantity produced, and for 5.00 plus $1.00 s&h, you will get 3 songs to give you just a taste of the new CD. Get your copy today - email me for details

Thanks for your support...

Keep Rockin!


AZTEC JADE gets a new keyboardist! Last week it was official, Ian Macdonald (of Planet Sarcasm ) has joined AZTEC JADE as their new keyboardist. Ian will be replacing the band!s current keyboard player. Ian!s bio page will be up shortly and he will make his debut at the Powermad festival in Baltimore this August. After 8 years JADE's former keyboardist had decided to leave to group to start a family and concentrate more on his personal recording projects. The band wishes him well in his future endeavors and his new family.

More news as it happens...

Keep Rockin!


Well, sort of… The members of Jade are on the move again! Aztec JADE's bassist: Bryan Kowalski, will be traveling to the land of the rising sun - JAPAN - the beginning of June. Aside from a much needed vacation, he!ll be working for Jade: meeting with a small progressive label, checking out the club scene and attempting to booking some gigs (hopefully) as well as to meet/jam with the Japanese progressive gothic band Mistletoe. Watch out Godzilla, here comes Kowalski!!

Keep Rockin!


This just in... AZTEC JADE will be performing at this year!s Powermad festival in Baltimore, MD. The dates are August 17-19, 2001- A full weekend of Progressive Music from some of today!s hottest bands. AZTEC JADE performed at Powermad 98 and they!re very excited to return to the stage to perform material off their upcoming CD "Concrete Eden".

More news as it happens...

Keep Rockin!


What!s new in the world of Jade? Let!s see...

As you!ve seen in the studio diary updates - the CD is now complete, and it was just mastered this week by Silvertone Mastering. The band is extremely pleased with the way it turned out! Hopefully soon there will be some studio pics on the site, and also maybe some sound samples just to give you a little taste for the new material...

Aztec JADE's drummer, Rick Miller, has just returned from his trip to Italy where he met with the executives from Adrenaline Records to discuss the future for the band, and their upcoming CD "Concrete Eden". After meeting with the label and getting their full support (and overwhelming praise!) of the new CD, the goals have been set high. While no information can be divulged at this time, we can tell you that there plans are in the works for a European tour beginning in October with the ProgPower Europe 2001 festival in the Netherlands. The line-up thus far for this show is amazing, and the band is really looking forward to it! Following this very prestigious show, there will be tour dates in Germany, Italy, Belgium and other countries as well. More information will be forthcoming in the upcoming months...

What!s new in Upstate New York? Well... the only thing worth mentioning is a new website dedicated to Progressive bands and the clubs that support them! This site is newly created by one of Aztec JADE's biggest followers - Mike Bernard. Mike has been a fan of AZTEC JADEfor over 2 years now, and he comes to every show! It doesn!t matter where the band plays, Mike will show up! He truly is a great fan and his site - www.upstaterocks.com is an awesome avenue for both bands and music fans! Great job Mike!

Check back soon for more exciting news in the world of Jade...

Keep Rockin!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - 2/5/01

It!s been one hell of a new year!! First off while it!s still fresh in my mind, I!d like to bring you back to Saturday night!s show at Backyard Jack!s. Un-friggin-believeable!!!! If you were there - then you know what I!m talking about!! These guys have been in the recording studio for about a month now, within that time, they!ve had only one rehearsal for this show. They haven!t performed live since November as they took the time off in preparation for the new CD. At least 200 people witnessed this immense piece of history! AZTEC JADE obviously missed being in the limelight, and just couldn!t wait to get back on stage again! They had an incredible night - incredible energy - and the crowd was just fantastic! Thanks to all you die-hard fans who came out and cheered them on! If a talent scout was in the audience that night - there definitely would!ve been some negotiations being made.. I!m sure of it! Anyways, if you missed it - my consolations are with you... unfortunately there!s no going back in time, but you can catch their next performance on Friday, February 16th at Liberty Lounge in Amsterdam, NY. Sure to be a great night with more surprises to be pulled out of the hat.

The new CD is coming along GREAT! The tracks are almost complete, with a few more guitar leads and solos, bass tracks and keyboards to be laid - then The singer will go in and put the vocals down. The songs are sounding great!! The band even performed the first of 3 parts from their 13minute epic "End of Days". The crowd was so inundated (or was it intoxicated? ^_^) during this song that some over bearing individuals started wrecking havoc, and the next thing you know the band!s PA Speaker is knocked over, bouncing across the floor heading straight toward The singer! Well, the show stopped but for a minute, those guys were tossed out of the club, and the band was back to business. They started the song again, and the fans just loved it - just wait until they hear the other 2 parts! Anyways, back to the studio. This CD is taking a heavier, more technical approach, but the band has a knack for writing catchy melodic tunes, and this CD is no exception.

Continuing to move up Metalview!s top 100 sites chart, AZTEC JADE is currently reigning in at #7. You can help take them to the top by casting your vote now! Just Follow this link and vote today.

In other news, AJ!s drummer Rick Miller has put the finishing touches on his own website. Be sure to check it out - find out more about the triumphs and tribulations of Aztec Jade, and how it all came to be. Also see some great photos of the band, with more on the way! Make sure to visit often for updates.

AZTEC JADE is continuing to receive excellent reviews from all over the world. Some of the more recent ones we!ve come across are:

"If you!re into good prog-metal with catchy choruses and hooks, give these guys a listen. I!m sure you!ll find they!ve got what it takes to get up there with the big names in the genre" - Seismic Radio

"...A few bands with the potential to push the genre into it!s next generation... one of these promising contenders is New York!s Aztec Jade" - ProgNet

"Whether it!s AOR melody or finely crafted technical melody, the band shines at making catchy and enjoyable music. With a little more punch, this band could take over the prog metal world" - Metallic Symphonies

Thank you for your continued support! Without YOU there would be no Aztec Jade! Keep it alive, and Keep Rockin!


JADE RECAP - 12/8/00

As we begin the countdown to next year, I find myself reminiscing about "the year 2000", and the exciting things that made AZTEC JADE strive this past year. Let!s recap:

"Paradise Lost" (Adrenaline Records) released in June 2000. This CD is continuing to receive excellent reviews worldwide... if you don!t have a copy - get one now.

"Attack of the Dragons - A Tribute to Queen" (Adrenaline Records) released in June 2000. AZTEC JADE performs "The Show Must Go On". This CD is packed with excellent renditions of some of Queens! classics. A must for any AZTEC JADE fan. You can purchase the CD direct from Aztec Jade

Live performing is a must for Aztec Jade. They truly love to perform for their fans, both new and old, and it shows with every performance. AZTEC JADE performed some of their most memorable shows in this past year. Sharing the stage with SKID ROW in June was definitely a highlight. The local papers finally recognized a force called Aztec Jade. Another memorable show was August 18th at Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY) with ZEBRA. AJ!s set kicked ass from beginning to end. There were many new clubs AZTEC JADE embarked upon this past year, many new fans were made, and many skeptics were enlightened. Look for AJ to hit many more new cities and states in the upcoming year. The tour in Europe is looking promising as well. Adrenaline is planning on getting the band over there for some tour dates, including the POWERMAD EUROPE 2001 Festival in July.

Countless interviews and reviews were received after the release of "Paradise Lost". A new distribution deal with Frontiers Records, Italy, will be bringing AJ to a larger market. A special thanks goes out to Adrenaline for making it all happen.

For the remainder of this year, AZTEC JADE will be working on new material as they prepare to go into the studio to record their new CD "Concrete Eden" in January 2001. The band!s new material is taking a heavier and more technical direction, and is definitely their best work to date. I!m very excited about this CD, and although there!s no release date at this time, Adrenaline has expressed an interest in releasing it in 2001 with worldwide distribution. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one! Definitely a must for any fan of progressive and/or metal music. The tracks will be recorded at CMG Studios in Albany, NY.

The AZTEC JADEwebsite is now #8 out of the Top 100 Metal Websites on the Web! Follow this link and vote now to make AZTEC JADE#1!

Look for Aztec JADE's live schedule to resume in February at Backyard Jack!s in Broadalbin, NY (2/3/00) - check the gigs section for updates on upcoming shows.

Let the countdown to 2001 begin...

Keep Rockin!


This just in. You can now vote for "SIXTH AGE - THE OFFICIAL AZTEC JADE WEB SITE" as your favorite metal site - click the graphic above to vote! Thanks for your support.

Keep Rockin!

JADE NEWS - 10/06/00

So you!re looking for the latest news on AZTEC JADE? Well, sit back, kick up your feet, and give me your full attention... there!s much exciting news to be reported!

First off, let!s review the shows last weekend. Friday was the band!s first show ever at Backyard Jack!s in Broadalbin, NY. If you were there, then you know that this place has obviously never experienced something so powerful and unique before! The crowd spoke volumes of AJ!s performance... 2 encores were not enough for these hungry fans! AZTEC JADE tested the waters by covering Queensryche!s "Take Hold of the Flame" for the first time live. The band could not sound more true to the original than the actual members of Queensryche themselves! And The singer!s vocals... well - he hit all the high notes right on key (as usual), and the only cracks were those in the ceiling above him!!

Saturday night!s show in Lake Luzerne, NY had several familiar faces from Friday night!s show - a special thank you goes out to all those dedicated Jade fans! From the opening lines of "The Final Hour" the crowd seemed entranced by the technical skills that lay before them. All I can say about this show is... another great night of great music!

In my last news segment, I mentioned that Adrenaline Records is receiving reviews on "Paradise Lost" on a daily basis. We!ve recently received some copies of those reviews. Here are small passages of the reviews. To check out the entire review click on the links and scroll down to find AZTEC JADE:

"AZTEC JADE are one of the brighter rising stars of progressive metal" - SSMT http://www.chedsey.com/list/aztec.htm

"They are one of the few progressive bands around that can combine technique and melodies... if you are into progressive then you won!t be disappointed if you decide to invest in AZTEC JADE" - TOMBSTONE http://www.tombstone.gr/archive/archive-a.htm

"AZTEC JADE is a band that has a bright future in front of them. If you!re into progressive metal then get this one you won!t be disappointed" -UNDERTOW http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/spincity/newreviews3.html

The band has been very busy the last couple of weeks doing interviews for various metal magazines. Keep an eye out for Renegade 2K!s and Rock Hard!s recent interviews with the band. Also be on the lookout for more interviews from Morbid Noizz, Oblivion Magazine and others.

ATTENTION UPSTATE NEW YORK FANS!!! AZTEC JADENEEDS YOUR HELP!! We have submitted our materials to the Sounding Board local music program. We haven!t had much luck in getting responses from them.. maybe the program directors have banned progressive rock from their acceptable format (??), but with your help, WE can get this area!s ONLY progressive art rock band on the air to thousands of deserving viewers! Here!s all you need to do: Send email to sbmusic@cablesites.com or write to Sounding Board/Greg Bobbitt, c/o Time Warner Cable, 130 Washington Ave Ext, Albany, NY 12203 and tell them that you want to see AZTEC JADE on an upcoming show! Your voice shall be heard!

Thanks for your support. And check back soon for more groundbreaking news on Aztec Jade.

Keep Rockin!


It!s been a week since AZTEC JADE stormed the stage at Northern Lights with ZEBRA. Zebra fans were wowed by the performance set forth by these 5 local guys. Again, AJ makes a name for themselves in their native land. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, the band!s set got cut (only 1 song!) and the usual crescendo to end the evening was at a loss. On a high note, however, many new fans (and some skeptics) were won over that evening, and even those who came from afar now know who AZTEC JADE is and what they represent... what could be better than that? What!s up next for Aztec Jade? Well, they are taking some time off between shows to work on some more new material for the next CD. AZTEC JADE has a featured interview in the current issue of Sea of Tranquility Magazine. Get all the news on what!s up next for the band, how it all started, how they hooked up with Adrenaline Records, if The singer aspired to become a singer...and much more! Find out by picking up this fine magazine today! We!ve been hearing that an average of 1-2 dozen rave reviews are coming into Adrenaline!s staff DAILY on AZTEC JADE's newest release "Paradise Lost". We only wish we could see some of them... so if you have any copies you!d like to send directly to the band I!m sure they would appreciate it - please send to PO Box 131, Hagaman, NY 12086. If you still don!t own a copy of "Paradise Lost" - you can pick one up today through CD Baby.

More news as it happens... check back soon!

Keep Rockin!

MORE NEWS OF JADE - 07/27/00

Wow!! What a weekend! AZTEC JADE kicked off Friday night with their CD release party at Everyday!s in Colonie, NY. Although the attendance was not exactly what they had hoped for in numbers, they could not have asked for a more devoted crowd. I sat in the back of the room, and was able to watch this enthusiastic crowd rockin! to every note played. "Concrete Eden" and "The Final Hour" are proving to be crowd favorites for sure. Speaking of "Concrete Eden" (proposed title track for the next CD) - Adrenaline has expressed an interest in bringing the band over to Italy to record this new CD... while they!re there, you can expect some tour dates for sure. For more information as it arises, please click here to get on the mailing list.

Next was Saturday night at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY. Some familiar faces from Friday night were in the crowd, and make no mistake about it - two nights in a row is not too much from these guys! They were full of energy and it showed in every song! If you missed this show, you can catch AJ again at Northern Lights - this time headlining with local radio station 103.5/103.9FM THE EDGE sponsoring this event. This station rocks - all that!s needed is some AZTEC JADE added to their play list to make it totally rock! Give (DJ) MROZEK a call at (518)476-1039 and request your favorite song from "Paradise Lost".

Be on the lookout for "Atlantis" - MP3TV (England) will be airing Aztec JADE's live video of "Atlantis" on an upcoming program. After receiving a copy of "Paradise Lost", it was immediately that MP3TV contacted AJ for live video footage of this song for their highly acclaimed program.

Other notable news would be AJ!s recent review/article in TheSidewalks.com published by A&D Advertising for Fulton and Montgomery counties of Upstate New York. Jeff Wood, who writes for "The Beat" - the music section of this paper, says: "The quality of their sound on their new endeavor "Paradise Lost" was only surpassed by their live show (LIVE being the key word). The reaction of the crowd spoke volumes of this band!s affect on the fans... incredible lead vocals from The singer Ozug combined with just as incredible leads on guitar from Matt Howenstein pulled the crowd in one by one. The energy emitted by the solid bass licks of Bryan Kowalski and Rick Miller!s absolutely phenomenal performance on drums continued to bring in a few more. Top all that off with the keyboard melodies and you have chemistry that can!t be stopped". Thanks Jeff, for that awesome review of this "talented group of showmen" (as you also referred to them).

On that note... Keep Rockin!

JADE UPDATE - 06/15/00

News update... Stephanie here again with some more news for your inquiring minds... AZTEC JADE's performance on Saturday at Potash Inn in Lake Luzerne, NY had the crowd roaring for more. They performed 3 hours worth of material (wow!), and the raw energy sustained from beginning to end. Coaxed by the audience, Drummer Rick Miller gave a drum solo that received a standing ovation! Good job Rick! As always, the crowd got it!s money!s worth with this show!

AZTEC JADE's new CD "Paradise Lost", released May 3rd, is selling in high proportions! Grab your copy while they!re still in stock. The new PL t-shirts are now available, click here to place your order today while supplies last.

ATTENTION UPSTATE NEW YORK FANS!! Do you want to see the area!s hottest Prog Rock band on Time Warner Cable!s Sounding Board? Write to the station and demand they put your favorite band on their program. Sounding Board features local musicians and bands on public access stations throughout the area. AJ needs your help - write to: Sounding Board, c/o Time Warner Cable, 130 Washington Ave Ext, Albany, NY 12203. Or you can email them at sbmusic@cablesites.com - tell them you want your AZTEC JADE!!Keep Rockin! - Stephanie

JADE's BIGGEST FAN - 06/09/00

Hi everyone! Stephanie ( Rick!s wife ) here. I am Aztec JADE's personal gig booker & accountant. In addition to being one of the band!s biggest promoters, I!ll be keeping you up to date on all the news about Aztec Jade. Bryan!s been a little busy lately with his new job and all, so I thought I!d help him out. Anyways, here goes...

More News! If you were one of the hundreds of people at Northern Lights last night for the AZTEC JADE/ Skid Row concert - you must be feeling the same surge of Adrenaline I am! AZTEC JADE performed mostly new material with some favorites from "Paradise Lost". The show started out with "Mad Not Crazy" (Paradise Lost), and moved on to some new stuff, including the band!s most recent single "The Final Hour". Requiem and Regatta Fugue I had the crowd screaming for more! For the finale, AZTEC JADE gave their best rendition of Queensryche!s "Eyes of a Stranger". Was that Queensryche onstage?? The show was video taped for a live concert video to beproduced/engineered and edited by Adrenaline Records. We!ll keep you posted for more details on this, and if a video will become available to those of you who didn!t witness this great event - and for those of you who did -you!ll definitely want a copy to remember this evening! Check out the gigs section for AJ!s upcoming shows

Keep Rockin! - Stephanie ^_^

SKID ROW & AZTEC JADE - 05/11/00

Breaking News !! - AZTEC JADE has secured the opening slot with SKID ROW ! - Thursday June 8th 2000 - Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY - Check the gigs section for details.

Keep Rockin! - AZTEC JADE

PARADISE LOST - 05/11/00

WOW! Where to start?! AZTEC JADE has been very busy lately, with gearing up for the release of "Paradise Lost" and all. That!s right... it!s finally available - click here to order now. Also due out is the Queen Tribute from Adrenaline Records - "The Attack of the Dragons". You!ve gotta hear JADE's version of "The Show Must Go On". A powerful rendition of this classic - a must have for any AZTEC JADE fan.

AZTEC JADE will be going into the studio in June to start work on the new album - tentatively entitled "Concrete Eden". The songs from this CD have been performed at the recent gigs, and have been very well received. If you haven!t had a chance to catch !em live - check the gigs section for upcoming shows.

The latest issue of Sea of Tranquility contains a new review on the Dream Theater tribute "Voices". If you haven!t had the opportunity to pick this magazine up yet, do so now. Lots of great reviews and information. There!s also going to be some information on "Paradise Lost" in the next issue. JADE's got the cover ! Also an interview from the band as well.

Check in soon for more updates.. if you want to spread the word of Jade to your friends - click here. - Keep your eyes open and be sure to check out our website and see the new sun rising...

Keep Rockin! - AZTEC JADE

A NEW YEAR FOR JADE - 01/13/00

News, News, News, Lots of things going on with Jade in the new year! First off we have plenty of gigs. Check the gigs section to find out where and when they are. As a special treat in February, we will be broadcasting one of the gigs LIVE to the internet!! Check back for details. It seems like an eternity, but the release of Paradise Lost is drawing near. Check out Adrenaline Records website for details! Also, AZTEC JADE will doing a bunch of interviews and articles to gear up for the release, so keep your eyes open for the new sun !

Keep Rockin!- AZTEC JADE

SIXTH AGE - 11/02/99

It!s news time again! The SIXTH AGE is here!! As you can see, there!s been a huge change to the website!! Our AZTEC WEB MASTER has worked long and hard at it ~ we hope you like it. Things with Adrenaline Records are really taking off!! Our new CD "Paradise Lost" should be in stores by the end of the month. Check out Adrenaline!s web site for more info on it. Also take a look at the GIGS section for our new shows coming up. With the release of "Voices - A tribute to Dream Theater", things have been going really great for AZTEC JADE. We are working very hard and on a daily basis with the folks at Adrenaline to get the new CD out on time and also the release of their Queen Tribute "A Winter!s Rhapsody" due out also in November. There!s even rumblings of Jade going to play overseas sometime soon...

Keep Rockin!- AZTEC JADE

GIG NEWS - 7/29/99

It!s news time again! First off we!d like to thank everyone who turned out for our latest gig at Northern Lights in Clifton Park NY. What a blast!! We had such a great time and really appreciated the support, One of the best shows ever ! Also special thanks to the crew at the Big Bang 99 ~ We had a great time playing for the other bands and it was nice catching up with Larry D from the Perpetual Motion Web Board. On the project with Energie Records, AZTEC JADE has finalized contract negotiations and both parties are working on the special Paradise Lost CD even as you read this... AZTEC JADE is in the studio this week recording the bonus track "Regatta Fugue part I", everything is going great, and this song will be a killer. All the basic tracks are cut, there is a little bit of background vocal work needed to be done and then we can go on to mixing. Look for the Paradise Lost CD towards the end of September. Until then.

Keep Rockin!- AZTEC JADE

NEWS UPDATE - 7/8/99

News! News! News! We have lots of stuff to talk about! First off, AZTEC JADE has officially signed to a licensing deal with Energie Records ( Milan, Italy ) !! This partnership will initially see the release of "Paradise Lost", A huge digi pack CD combining the work of AZTEC JADE's first two albums (Modern Prophet & Frame of Mind) as well as some material never recorded before. This will most likely take the form of the bonus track " Regatta Fugue I ", which was released on our very first demo tape 5 or 6 years ago. The Paradise Lost CD will also be re-mastered and have a huge full color layout and new graphics - a must for any prog lover ! Energie Records plans on promoting and releasing the CD (so far) only in the European, South American, and Asian Markets, so it might be a little difficult to get it in the US - I am sure we will have it for sale on our website. Look for it around September for release. Keeping right on track with Energie Records, the "Voices - a Dream Theater Tribute CD" will be out probably even as this is written - Our version of "Another Day" will be featured along with some really other great bands on this killer CD. To hear some of the music on the voices CD, check out Energie/Aredaline!s website here. In the months to come AZTEC JADE and Energie Records plan to work very closely to bring you the best quality progressive rock music you can handle as well as a few other surprises along the way. Don!t forget to check out our version of "The Show Must Go On" on the "Queen Tribute CD" from Energie to be released sometime in October. Gigs ! - AZTEC JADE will be performing at the following: The BIG BANG 99, Danbury CT, July 18th - AZTEC JADEand host of other great metal bands will rock the stage. Come check out - Ice Age, Event, Enertia and many more! AZTEC JADE goes on about 5 pm. Don!t miss it! Then on July 24th at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY - AZTEC JADE will perform locally to showcase all new material off their new upcoming CD "Concrete Eden" to be released sometime in the winter. And just when you thought it was safe - The singer!s got his own web page now ! Check out all his rants at The singer!s Official Homepage. Well, that!s about it for now. More as updates happen...

Keep Rockin!- AZTEC JADE

MORE JADE NEWS - 2/23/99

Hey all, It!s news time again! Lots of stuff going on right now with Jade: First off are the discussions between AZTEC JADE& Energie Records (Milan, Italy) about the possibility of Licensing / Distribution overseas of AZTEC JADE's first two albums + some other stuff thrown in ! The folks at Energie have been really great to us and addition to the Dream Theater tribute CD we did a cut for, we will also be recording a cut for their upcoming Queen tribute as well. Keep an eye out as the Dream Theater tribute CD will be released soon at the end of March. Next, is something we!re all really proud of: Rick appears in the April edition of Modern Drummer Magazine!! This feature, "On the move", spotlights on the newest artists to hit the drumming scene and we!re honored that Rick has gotten this well deserved recognition. Just a recap on the gig situation: We would like to thank all those that showed up for the Northern Lights show last month... it kicked some serious ass! The club was sold out and there were close to 700 people that saw Jade play! Thanks everyone! Continuing on the gig front, we have an upcoming show in NYC at the end of March - AZTEC JADE will be performing at "DownTime" in Manhattan along with Alchemy X on Friday, March 26th. I heard this club smokes, with three levels and a really "Wild" crowd. Don!t miss it! On CD releases, we have gotten a loose word from Steve Woodham of Global Connections that the POWERQUEST is to released soon, ( the POWERQUEST CD has AZTEC JADE's new cut, "The Final Hour" on it along with some other really great bands ) but if you can!t wait that long to hear new stuff from your favorite Mayan Musicians, you can always get the track from us !! Email us and I!ll tell you how. Currently AZTEC JADE is working diligently on their new CD - some of the cuts included would be: The Final Hour, Concrete Eden, The Manifestation, Visions, and Revelations and End of Days. I will continue to keep you all up to date as news breaks... until then,

Keep Rockin! - AZTEC JADE


Even more updates!! Just in time for the New Year AZTEC JADE has more major news. Topping it all off, the boys of JADE will be performing on an upcoming Dream Theater Tribute CD out of Italy. The CD is being put out by Energie Records in Milan, Italy and will feature many great bands - Jag Panzer, to name one. AZTEC JADE has already completed recording / mixing of "another day" off the Images and Words album. The master is on its way to Italy as we speak. Next, AZTEC JADE's producer / mentor, Scott MacPherson will be heading over to France during the end of January to attend the Meetum convention for international sales and distribution - bringing JADE's material over for licensing contracts and who knows what else ? Lastly, AZTEC JADE will be performing at " Northern Lights " in Clifton Park, NY on January 30th. We will be playing a lot of new stuff off the upcoming CD, so don!t miss out. The venue holds about 1000 people, so let!s fill it! - More Later.

Keep Rockin! - AZTEC JADE