About Blue Kabuto Games

Who is BK?

Blue Kabuto is a small game design company located in Albany, NY. Founded by Brian Kowalski, Blue Kabuto strives to produce quality games that have a unique style and are fun to play. Blue Kabuto games posses simple mechanics, ease of playability and a high fun factor. By keeping production costs low, Blue Kabuto is able to focus more on creative design and content. To view a list of current games in development, visit the games page for more information.

PDF - eGames:

Rather than buying a hard copy, buyers can purchase BK downloadable PDFs, with free bonus materials online via our website. This will include any mannuals, cards, or dice. Everything a player will need for the game, no messing around looking for other items -- whatever you need, will be included. You may purchase Blue Kabuto's games at RPGnow.com and Drivethrurpg.com

Team Kabuto:

Brian Kowalski

Brian is the CCO (Chief Cookie Officer) of Blue Kabuto and creator of Cookie FuTM, the world's only Customizable Fortune Cookie Dice Game. Brian holds a degree in commercial art and and is skilled in illustration and graphic / web design. In addition to his numerous talents, Brian has been an avid GM / Gamer for the past 38 years, he has played (and run) most every RPG/wargame under the sun. He was also the Bass Player for the internationally known progressive rock band Aztec Jade - during their 12 year run. Rock on!

He works professionally for an international corporation and travels to Japan frequently. He is an avid Japanophile who speaks/reads/writes Japanese and also teaches Japanese language/cooking classes during his free time. Sushi lover, suspected sebugeki enthusiast, lover of all things zen, Brian shares his life with his Japanese girlfriend and his black polydactal cat: Ponzu. With the recent passing of longtime fellow feline friend JJkun (18 years) , Ponzu has taken up the mantle of inspecting all crinkly fortune papers to be batted around with his big paws!

BK's Loyal Apprentices

While not specifically employed by Blue Kabuto, BK has a few loyal apprentices that help out from time to time. Someone to bounce ideas off of and to help with playtesting and what not. BK is very greatful for their effort indeed.

Kabuto playtesters:

Blue Kabuto is currently accepting playtesters for the new expansions of Cookie FuTM including: Death By Dim Sum and Sweet & Sour Sorcery. If you're interested in participating, contact the Blue Kabuto at bk@bluekabuto.com