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Cookie FuTM - Fortune Decks

"Grandmaster Chi Battles"

Cookie Fu Fortune Decks

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Getting to be a Cookie Fu Grandmaster just got a lot more fun!

Blue Kabuto proudly announces a brand new Cookie Fu Dual-Play product: Clan Fortune Decks!

Can't decide between a "Bitter Bovine Blast" or the "Lash of the 3 Legged Frog"? Not sure what the damage of a "Silverback Attack" is? No more fumbling through slips of paper searching for that elusive Cookie Fu move. Each ability is stunningly presented in a handy card based format and contains all crucial information of the "Way of the Cookie" for easy access during the heat of battle. Cookie Fu Fortune decks are an essential aid for novice, intermediate, and even the most seasoned of Fu Fighters.

But that's not all Grasshopper, each Fortune Deck also comes with the "Grandmaster Chi Battle" combat game. Go head to head with other players to see whose Cookie Fu reigns supreme. As a fast and furious game, Grandmaster Chi Battles are different every time you play. Just unwrap, shuffle, and play within minutes!

Played either with or without standard Cookie Fu dice, each Fortune Deck is guaranteed to Kick Some Cookie!

Cookie Fu Fortune Decks

Each Clan Fortune Deck contains:

Cookie not included...

Fixed Deck Format | 56 Cards | MSRP $9.99


Cookie FuTM

"Grandmaster's Return"

Cookie Fu - Battle Royale 2 Player Set Cookie Fu - Chocolate Ox Clan Pack Cookie Fu - Vanilla Hare Clan Pack Cookie Fu - Coconut Monkey Clan Pack Cookie Fu - Booster Pack

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After many long years, the Grandmaster returns at last to instruct a new batch of students in the way of the cookie. Rival clans must unite as even now forces of the Dark Cookie assemble on the fringes of the mythical land of Fu. Only the best and bravest warriors can earn the title of "Fu Fighter" in hopes to defeat Bok Choy's army of faceless mooks, demons, and ghosts. The Chocolate Ox, Vanilla Hare, and Coconut Monkey are the first three who step forward to battle this menace that threatens the land...

So Grasshopper, you wish to learn Cookie Fu? Only with a strong mind and plenty of practice will you master moves like the Sweet Flaky Kick or the Devastating Hurl of Crumbled Fate. Do not despair though, my young student. Cookie Fu is quick, fun, and easy to learn, yet difficult to master. You will draw upon the special fighting styles of your clan, employing moves like the Hare Trigger Hop, Cocoa Yoke, and the Simian Shakedown to defeat your opponents. The forces of Chi are strong within you my young one - use it to your advantage, but beware the MSChi. This burnt Shar Chi consumes all that oppose it, corrupting Fu Fighters both young and old alike.

Cookie Fu - The Kung Fu Combat, Take-out Takedown, Cult Cookie Classic dice game returns in 2010 an all new edition. "Return of the Grandmaster" is redesigned and packed full of crunchy goodness. Expanded rules, new Fortune & Fu dice, and specialty Clan Fortunes allow Fu Fighters to put even more "crunch" into their game! Do you have what it takes to be a Grandmaster?

Each Cookie Fu Clan Pack contains:
1 Clan / Fortune die, 3 Common Fu dice, 1 Learned Fu die, Rules Menu, and 1 Flavored Clan Fortune Cookie.

Each Cookie Fu Expansion Pack contains:
1 of each: Common, Learned, Master, and Grandmaster Fu dice, plus 1 Flavored Clan Fortune Cookie.

Clan Packs available: Vanilla Hare, Chocolate Ox, and Coconut Monkey


Upcoming Expansions:

Cookie FuTM RPG

Unlike most Role Playing Games, you will not need mountains of paper, important encyclopedic volumes of rules and a vast scroll to chart your character deeds and abilities upon. These weigh you down in body and spirit, reducing the fun and simplicity in playing a game. In Cookie Fu, the RPG, you will need your dice, your wits, the blessings of the ancients, and a small piece of paper to keep track of your hit points upon. Simplicity in game play does not mean a simple game. When you have solved this riddle you will truly have achieved enlightenment. By learning and playing Cookie Fu the RPG you will set your feet firmly on the path to enlightenment and so your journey begins...

Upcoming Quests:

Other games in development

Cthulhu Fu

"Some fortunes are better left unread..."

"Greetings brothers, the time is nigh....Not all of us are strong enough to carry the blessings of the Ancient one. For his wisdom transcends the stars. His influence through our dreams and unspoken realms, deep beneath the sea, he waits. Dreaming for the day he shall be free. Even though we may be weak as mortals, he gathers strength from our devotion, hope through our determination, and power from our sacrifice. While we all wish to share in his gifts, the Great One only rewards those of purist faith. All others will be crushed beneath the waves when R’yleh rises from the deep."

Cthulhu Fu is a variant of the popular Cookie Fu system where players take on the roles of rival cultists in dark cult world of Cthulhu (circa 1930). The cultists summon / manipulate the forces of darkness against each other and claim victory in the eyes of the great overlord. There are many ways to defeat your opponent: summon the forces of darkness to rip apart your foe or by shattering the barriers that protect his mind.

This stand alone game comes packed in a black mini take-out pail, 5 dice, rules menu and "Miskatonic Mint" flavored Omikuji (fortune cookie).

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